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Komplete Kettlebells / Komplete Konditioning Training DVD’s




Enter the Foam Roller

Utilized by Professional Athletes, Olympians, Physical Trainers and Re-Hab Specialists, the FOAM ROLLER has become the ‘Go-To’ accessory for Increasing Mobility, Improving Circulation and reprogramming YOUR BODY to Move Better, Feel Better, and Perform BETTER!

Discover the ‘Secrets’ to surviving YOUR Workout and YOUR DAY!  Reverse the effects of Sitting, Driving and staring at a computer … Sleep Longer, Deeper & BETTER … Wake-up Alert, Refreshed an READY TO GO!  Bounce back day-after-day and Workout-after-Workout … Dissolve those ‘knots’ while BOOSTING your IMMUNITY!  Learn why the Foam Roller has become the ‘MUST HAVE’ Muscle Tool for Fitness & HEALTH!

Features 5 Complete FULL BODY Flows … Over 30-MINUTES of Stress Reducing, ‘Knot’ Erasing, FEEL GOOD Self-Massage Therapy!




Turkish Get Up / TGU Seminar DVD

It’s been called the Most Effective Exercise EVER DEVELOPED!  Once used to ‘test’ all potential Strongmen / Strongwomen, discover for yourself the fantastic benefits of this FULL BODY, Functional Exercise.

You’ll learn ‘step-by-step’ how to SAFELY perform the TGU – beginning with the Floor Press, progressing to the Stability Arm Bar, thru the Quarter Pounder, up to the ‘5.0’ and finally … to the entire ‘Tactical’ Turkish Get Up!

Utilizing the Kettlebells, another ‘age-old’ tool of Physical Development, the Turkish Get-Up / TGU can be completed with a dumbbell, barbell or ANY’ weighted implement

INJURY PROOF YOUR BODY while developing ‘Rock Hard’ Shoulder Stability, Core Strength, Glute, Hamstring and ‘Pec Power’.  Learn why MMA fighters, NFL Teams,  Police, Military and Fitness Experts have become Kettlebell Believers!

Multiple Angle Views & Accompanying Text / running time approx. 50  minutes



1 & 2-Handed Swings

Considered the ‘Backbone’ of all Kettlebell Exercises, the ‘Swing’ builds dynamic strength thru the entire body with the ‘Ultimate’ in Muscle Toning, Fat Burning and Cardio!  Discover for yourself the many benefits of the ‘Core’ Movement in a SAFE, ‘Step-by-Step’ Progression enabling you to develop both the 1-Hand & 2-Hand Swing!

Learn the Secrets of performing the ‘Switch’, taking your Athletic Fitness to the NEXT LEVEL as you smoothly transfer the Kettlebell from the right to left hand and back again!
THIS IS the 1-Stop Shop for what all the informercials promise and can’t deliver … TOTAL BODY Conditioning in 10-Minutes a Day!

SWING your Way to Success!  Develop ‘Rock Hard’ Glutes, Firm & Flatten you Abs, Tone & Shape your Thighs, Hips and Core!  LEARN THE SECRETS of this ‘time-tested’ Kettlebell FAT BLASTER and take YOUR GAME to the Next Level!
Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 50 minutes




Clean,  Press & Snatch Seminar DVD

GO BEYOND the typical ‘gym’ experience!

Kettlebell training is GUARANTEED to teach you HOW to Harness you body’s NATURAL Power & Explosiveness, developing ‘REAL WORLD’ Strength and MMA Style Endurance – enabling you to ‘out-kick’, ‘out-punch’ and ‘OUT-LAST’ any opponent.  ‘Learn to Burn’ with the PROPER body mechanics and UNIQUE learning progressions exclusively found within the Komplete Kettlebell System.

It’s time to ‘Leave the Bench Behind’  

Clean, Press & Snatch with CONFIDENCE & Discover for yourself the Magic of Kettlebell Training!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 50 minutes




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