Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with a training program at LMA?

Getting started at LMA begins with a phone call to the Academy, during which you will be given a brief phone interview to determine exactly what you are looking for in the martial arts. You will then be given the opportunity to visit LMA and view a class, where you can meet with our Program Director who can answer any futher questions you may have regarding the Academy. Depending on your prior experience (if any), the Program Director will recommend one of our specially designed Inroductory Programs.

What is involved in the Introductory Course?

The LMA Introductory Course prepares interested students to participate in our Academy Group Classes. You will be taught a solid foundation of basic techniques … (see below description) … ensuring your first class is a Great Class! In addition, the Introductory Course is used by the Acadamy Staff to view your potential and current skill level as you enter LMA.

The Course includes … 2 Private Lessons (approx. 20-30 minutes each), a Progress Check (following the second private lesson), and a Beginner Group Class (50 minutes in length).

You will be taught numerous techniques during your Introductory Course including … Guard Position, Jab Punch, Cross Punch, Front and Rear Leg Front Kicks, 2-3-4 count Combinations ultilizing both hands and feet, Self-Defense Techniques against wrist and shirt grabs, etc…

In addition, the Instructor(s) training with you during this time will be closely monitoring and improving your coordination, balance, timing, reflexes, physical conditioning, etc … as well as your ability to make corrections and remain focused on the tasks at hand. Based upon your final evaluation, our Program Director will then develop your personal profile and present it to our Academy Director – Sifu Deily.

What happens after the Introductory Course?

Following your Introductory Course, Sifu Deily will discuss your Personal Profile with you, reviewing your entire course, as well as the specifics regarding your development.

Most important as you start your journey to Black Belt … is where you begin! With this in mind, Sifu Deily will recommend an appropriate LMA Training Program suited to you needs and abilities … a Program which will challenge you, without overwhelming you!

How much does the Introductory Course cost?

The LMA Introductory Course requires an investment of $30 … Specials are run throughout the year … Call LMA to inquire about current offers which often include FREE Uniforms and/or FREE Academy T-Shirts!

How much does it cost to join your Komplete Konditioning / Aerobic Kickboxing Program?

LMA’s Komplete Konditioning Program meets twice a week and requires an investment of $45 per month. Classes are 45-50 minutes long and include the following …

Dynamic Warm-up / Movement Prep, Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Exercise Bands, Body Weight, Komplete Kettlebell and Dumbbell Training.  In addition, various Martial Art movements … including  boxing hand techniques, footwork, basic and advanced hand-knee-elbow and kicking combinations, ‘slow-kick’ leg motions, arm-chest-shoulder and leg development … as well as targeted abdominal toning!  Classes end with Flexibility and Cool-Down segments.

Call today to schedule your first of many LMA Aerobic Workouts!

How much does it cost to become a member of LMA?

The Investment required in becoming a member of the LMA Family will depend on the specifics of your Personal Program. This will be determined on your exact needs regarding the martial arts (discussed during your Academy Interview), as well as your Personal Profile developed during your LMA Introductory Course.

All of LMA’s Basic Training Programs require a monthly investment of $85 – $130 per month … CALL LMA FOR CURRENT RATES.

Private Instruction is also available and begins at $30 per 30 minute session.

Private Instruction with LMA’s Director, Sifu/Guro Deily begins at $50 per session and is available on a limited basis.

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