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Sarong / Malong Seminar DVD


Worn as a symbol of their culture, the Indonesian Sarong/Malong can quickly go from ordinary clothing into a devastating weapon capable of choking, throwing,                                                                disarming and controlling an aggressive attacker with a minimum of effort.

During this ‘live seminar footage’ see how adaptable and functional a simple piece of cloth, or purse strap, scarf, jacket lapel, skull cap, etc …                                                                                                     can become in the hands of a trained ‘artist’!




Raising Kane Seminar DVD

Discover for YOURSELF how to ‘turn the tables’ on any would-be attacker with this low profile / street legal mobility tool!

 Join us as we ‘pull back the curtain’ on this ancient weapon and discover the keys to the many combative applications of this ‘everyday’ deterrentThis is the 1st time Sifu Deily has opened the vault to his unique ‘KANE’ methods, showcasing techniques & progressions previously only shared with his private clients. Master the Kane’s basic striking patterns and hypnotic movements! Manipulate & Control opponents using all parts of the Kane!  Exploit the deceivingly ‘innocent’ nature of the Kane taking your attacker totally by Surprise!


Chi Sao / Mook Jong Seminar DVD

Chi Sao ‘Sticky Hands’, the elusive Secret to Wing Chun’s devastating effectiveness.  Mook Jong, aka – the ‘Wooden Dummy’.  Considered a ‘lost art’, mysterious and mystifying … a tradition hidden from the public and taught only to a select few.  Now for the first time, Sifu Hal Deily ‘unlocks’ the vault and brings both of these unique training methods to life!

Discover for yourself the ‘gems’ contained within each of these specialized training progressions.  Feel the Energy of ‘sticky hands’ and learn to react by Touch alone!  See the ‘Wooden Dummy’ brought to life and applied to an actual opponent!  Take your Game to the Next Level and Beyond with this ‘1-2 Punch’ of electrifying Martial Arts Action!

ALL DVD’s Feature Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text 

$ 34.95




 Balisong / Folder / Palm Stick Seminar DVD 

Balisong, Filipino Weapon that has entertained and mystified, known as the ‘nunchaku’ of the modern martial arts community.  The ‘Folder’, considered one of the most functional bladed weapons in history, carried by many as the ‘go to’ blade for work and self-defense.  Palm Stick / Olisi Palad, from the Filipino art of Kali, aka the Yawara / Kubotan, the Palm Stick motions are easily adaptable to a pen, pencil or ANY small, hand-held implement.

Learn the ‘secrets’ of safely manipulating the Balisong, discover the practical self-defense applications of the ‘Folder’, and unlock the power of the deceptively simple Palm Stick!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 50 minutes







 ‘Engage the Blade’ Seminar DVD

Kali, ancient Art of the Phillipines, world-renowned for it’s realistic & deadly approach to edged weapons.  Equally known for it’s Street Applications when faced with the ultimate challenge, defending against a knife-wielding attacker … Empty-Handed!

Learn the FMA / Filipino Martial Art concepts of Body Angulation, Evasion & Control, how to ‘Monitor’ the Blade, ‘Hostage Knife’ scenarios, Double Dagger Disarm Flows, Angles of Attack, etc … and, just as important … What NOT to do against the Trained Knife Fighter!

Multiple Angle Views & Accompanying test / running time approx. 50 minutes




Secrets of Kamot – ‘Hidden World’ of Empty Hands

Kamot, 7th Sub-System of Kali, known for it’s seamless ability to weave traditional Joint Locks with a rapid-fire blur of striking & wrenching techniques.  Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, aka – ‘Original’ Jeet Kune Do, the art developed and taught by the immortal Sigung Bruce Lee, renowned for it’s STREET applications and COMBAT variations of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

During this 90-minute seminar, you will learn HOW to REALISTICALLY apply joint locks, submissions & off-balancing techniques in a Progressive, ‘Easy-to-Follow’ manner.  FEEL your opponents next move with ‘Sticky Hands’ sensitivity, ESCAPE attempted arm bars and DOMINATE attackers with the body manipulations of Maphilindo Silat!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 55 minutes

JKD ‘Sticky Hands’ … Learn the ‘Magic’ of JEET KUNE DO Sensitivity drills & FEEL your opponents Next Move!  Filipino Empty-Hands … Discover HOW and, more importantly, WHEN to Strike, Lock, Off-Balance & CONTROL!



Olisi Toyuk / Nunchaku Seminar


‘Work the Chucks’ discover the secrets of Safely manipulating & effectively utilizing this mesmerizing weapon!  Lean ‘HOW’ the Experts DO IT!  Amaze friends and family alike as you perform dazzling displays of Weapon Mastery!

You watched them in the movies, seem them on TV, maybe even tried them … NOW you can learn them … The ‘Chucks’!

Part of the 9th Sub-System of Kali, the Olisi Toyuk / Nunchaku has been one of the most mystifying and dazzling weapons of all time.  During this 90-minute Seminar, you will unlock the ‘secrets’ of Safely manipulating and utilizing the ‘Chucks’.  Basic twirling, flipping, rebounding & catching are covered in detail, as well as 5 ‘Flow Drills’. providing you with ALL the material required to be promoted to Level I Status in the Komplete Kali / Olisi Toyuk Program!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying test / running time approx. 50 minutes







Sibat / Bankaw … Filipino Staff & Spear

An LMA Excluive!  This 40-minute DVD features ALL the Material, Manipulations, Flow Drills and Counters taught during a 6-WEEK Sibat / Bankaw – Filipino Staff & Spear Course taught at Lathen Martial Arts with Mataas Na Guro Hal Deily.  Learn the History behind the Weapons, Develop the 4 & 8 Count Striking Drills, Master ‘both’ Numbering Systems, Discover HOW to ‘Flow’ with Filipino Sumbradas, ETC … 

UNLOCK the SECRETS of this ‘rarely-seen’, 8th Sub-System of Weaponry with the Filipino Art of KALI!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 40 minutes





18th Anniversary Seminar

Join us for ‘highlights’ from LMA’s Seminar Past as well as some New ‘TWISTS’ on Sifu Deily’s unique learning progressions. BALINITAWAK ‘stick trapping’, SNAKE DISARM variations, KNIFE ‘STALEMATE’ scenarios and a ‘cutting-edge’ DAGA DISARM FLOW combing Weapon & Empty-Handed Defenses!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 50 minutes






‘Street’ Self-Defense Seminar

What are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT ‘everyday deterrents’ to use in a REAL situation, the 3 BEST STRIKING COMBINATIONS and the 3 ‘GREATEST’ TECHNIQUES to know if KNOCKED DOWN to the Ground?  LMA Responds with ‘hands-on’ workshop designed to answer these LIFE SAVING questions!

Multiple Angle Views & accompanying text / running time approx. 50 minutes




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