Komplete Konditioning

Komplete Konditioning exists as a ‘high tech’ fitness program combining numerous methods of achieving optimum health & athletic excellence. Developed by Hal Deily, a Certified ‘Cross Fit’ Kettlebell Instructor & Certified T.P.I. Fitness Professional, Komplete Konditioning ‘blends’ the tools of past & present to create a customized system of personal improvement!

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Komplete Konditioning Holiday Fitness Boot Camp 2010


LMA offers Komplete Konditioning Classes

Monday & Thursday’s at 6:30pm

‘Komplete Konditioning … designed & developed by Guro Deily, Certified CrossFit KettleBell Instructor, T.P.I. / Titleist Performance Institue Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer for over 25 Years … Komplete Konditioning features both ‘rhythmic’ (in sync with music) and ‘non-rhythmic’ motions … during class students utilize Stability Balls, Medicine balls, Resistance Bands / LifeLine Gym, Kettlebells, Body Weight, Dumbbells, Heavy bags, ‘Blast Staps’, etc… Combining Cardio, Strength, Flexibility and ‘Attribute’ Development (speed, balance, agility), into a ‘Heart-Pounding’ Good Time! Classes includes a ‘Dynamic’ warm-up, use of Foam Roller, Tissue Mobilization and A.I.S. Flexibility cool down, highlighting the ‘latest’ in ‘Komplete Konditioning’ Technology … All students are eligible to attend.

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