Seminars / Boot Camps


25th Anniversary Seminars

  FREE to LMA Seminar Alumni / $20 for newbies

Surviving Spontaneous Edged Weapon Attacks Monday, August 21st, 6-7:30pm

Sifu’s ‘Scotland Surprise’Wednesday, August 23rd, 6-7:30pm

 email Academy to Register …



7th Annual GolfFIT36 Golf Fitness Boot Camp

ʻItʼs not the arrow … Itʼs the Indianʼ

Looking to put the BOMB in your LONG … be MORE Consistent around the greens, Possess that ʻLASER-LIKEʼ Focus when it counts … before you spend another $300 on a new driver, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – INVEST IN YOURSELF! Play ʻPain Freeʼ, Add Yards to Every club in your Bag and make 2015 a YEAR to REMEMBER!

Camp Includes 6 HOURS of Game Improvement Strategies!
– Week by Week GolfFIT Health & Performance Progression
– 2 Group Training Sessions back to back Sunday’s to engrain your NEW GAME!
– Home Workout Plan to maximize your Boot Camp sessions
BONUS … First 5 clients receive the GolfFIT36 Home Workout DVD or the GolfFIT36 Foam Roller DVD

Group Sessions
Sunday, March 19th & Sunday, March 29th
10am – 1pm
Lathen Martial Arts Academy / GolfFIT36 Studio 

Tuition $169 
GolfFIT36 Alumni / Golf Team Member $ 129
LMA Member $ 99

Email … for more information / registration inquiries

Enroll TODAY!

‘Raising Kane’ Seminar

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 … 6 – 7:30pm

Often a symbol of weakness and fragility, in the right hands, the Cane / Kane can magically transform from a position of compliance into a Devastating Weapon of Self-Defense, quickly delivering a series of bone-crushing blocks, strikes, joint locks and takedowns!

Discover for YOURSELF how to ‘turn the tables’ on any would-be attacker with this low profile / street legal mobility tool!

 Join us as we ‘pull back the curtain’ on this ancient weapon and discover the keys to the many combative applications of this ‘everyday’ deterrentThis will be the 1st time Sifu Deily has opened the vault to his unique  ‘KANE’ methods , showcasing techniques & progressions previously only shared with his private clients.

 Master the Kane’s basic striking patterns and hypnotic movements!    Manipulate & Control opponents using all parts of the Kane!    Exploit the deceivingly ‘innocent’ nature of the Kane taking your attacker totally by Surprise!

Bronze Package– $30 … Seminar only, Bring your own Cane *Rattan recommended due to striking drills, Aluminum / Metal canes not permitted

 Gold Package – $50 … Seminar & Rattan Training Kane

 Platinum Package – $70 … Seminar, Kane & Seminar DVD

Open to Public, LMA Members & Guests … Beginners Welcome … No Martial Art or Kali Experience Necessary ENROLL TODAY! Space limited!

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GolfFIT36 Golf Fitness Boot Camp

ʻItʼs not the arrow … Itʼs the Indianʼ

Thanks to everyone who came out to this 4-week Boot Camp!

Looking to put the BOMB in your LONG … be MORE Consistent around the greens, Possess that ʻLASER-LIKEʼ Focus when it counts … before you spend another $300 on a new driver, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT – INVEST IN YOURSELF! Play ʻPain Freeʼ, Add Yards to Every club in your Bag and make 2015 a YEAR to REMEMBER!

Camp Includes 6 HOURS of Game Improvement Strategies!
– Week by Week GolfFIT Health & Performance Progression
4 Group Training Sessions, 90-minutes each
Home Workout Plan to maximize your Boot Camp sessions
BONUSFirst 5 clients receive the GolfFIT36 Home Workout DVD or the GolfFIT36 Foam Roller DVD

Group Sessions
Sundayʼs … 10 – 11:30am
March 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
Lathen Martial Arts Academy / GolfFIT36 Studio 

Tuition $149 
GolfFIT36 Alumni / Golf Team Member $ 119
LMA Member $ 99

Email … for more information / registration inquiries

Enroll TODAY!


Edged Weapon Combatives DVD Filming Seminar

will be ReScheduled due to the passing of Sifu Deily’s Mom

This 2-night, 4-hour Seminar / DVD Filming event will be taught with an ʻAdvanced Pace Curriculumʼ giving you the opportunity to ʻSee it ALL, Train it ALL, and ABSORB it ALLʼ!      OPEN TO PUBLIC!

DISCOVER your own personal Style …Progressive Free flow drills enhance each studentʼs strengths … UNLOCK the ʻMatrixʼ of the Blade … Learn just what a knife CAN and CANNOT do … DEBUNK the Myths of Knife Fighting  What you DONʼT know or THINK you know – can Kill YOU!   Train like YOUR LIFE depends on it!

Flow drills, disarms, long-middle-close quarter sensitivity, ʻhostageʼ knife scenarios, non-telegraphic movement, ʻmakeshiftʼ edged weapons, principles of teaching & training, adapting JKD concepts to the knife, surviving a blade encounter, personal -vs- random attacks, dynamic applications, ʻsoloʼ knife drills … and MORE!

Seminar hours will count DOUBLE toward Instructor Certification!

will be ReScheduled – check back for updates

EWC Phase I ‘full course’ clients – $10 … KMA Saturday clients – $40 … LMA/KMA/CCAC students – $70 … Public – $100

Edged Weapon Combatives


5th Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout

Thanks to our ‘survivors’ from Black Friday!  check out selected video clips on our FaceBook Page!

BE THERE and Get it ON to Melt it OFF!  Join us for LMA’s 5th Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout featuring NEW Routines, Workout Euipment , Progressions and Calorie Burning Inspiration … Black Friday was meant for THIS!  Put down the credit card and Pick UP your Health & Fitness as we SET THE TONE for the remainder of 2014!  FINISH STRONG this Holiday Season by STARTING FAST the ‘day after’ !

Email / Call Academy to Enroll … PayPal for IMMEDIATE Registration!

$15 – LMA Members …  $20 – LMA/CCAC/EWC Alumni …  $25 – Public

Keys, Magazines & Umbrellas Seminar

Wednesday, October 29th … 7 – 8:30pm

Weapons, Weapons EVERYWHERE!  

You’ve seen it demonstrated in the ‘Bourne’ movies where simple ‘everyday’ items became Weapons of self-defense capable of disarming knife wielding opponents or warding-off multiple attackers.  

Now YOU can learn how to do the same!  Car keys, Pens/Pencils, rolled-up Magazines, Iphone/Ipad, Belt, Baseball Cap, Clipboard, Plastic Grocery Bag, and MORE will be taught in a progressive, practical atmosphere that will be customized according to your natural abilities and physical attributes!  

BE THERE for this unique approach to modern ‘street’ survival

No Experience necessary / Beginner and Advanced Welcome … Registration is Limited

Tuition:  $30 / LMA Member … $35 / LMA n CCAC Alumni … $40 Public


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Sarong / Scarf / Malong Seminar 

Wednesday, July 23rd. 6:30 — 8pm / LMA Academy

Thanks to everyone who came out for this fascinating look into the Flexible Weapon Category of Kali … the Sarong / Malongcheck out the pics and selected video clips on our Fbook pageSeminar DVD coming soon!  Email Academy for more information

Worn as a symbol fo their culture, the Indonesian Sarong / Malong can quickly go from ordinary clothing into a devastating weapon capable ofchoking, throwing, disarming and controlling an aggressive attacker with a minimum of effort.  Adaptable to use with a purse strapscarf, jacket,skull cap, cloth napkin or ANY piece of fabric, the Sarong / Malong will take YOUR personal Self-Defense Skills to an entirely NEW LEVEL!  

Discover for yourself this surprising ‘low profile — high impact’ weapon!

NO Martial Art / Kali experience necessary.  Beginner & Advanced Welcome.  Enrollment Limited to ensure maximum learning potential!

Cost — $30 / LMA Members … $40 / Public

Call, ‘click’ or email TODAY to reserve YOUR SPOT in this fascinating Seminar!

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4th Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout

Gobble it up … then BLAST IT OFF with the LMA 4th Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout.  This 90-minute Komplete Konditioning Program features everything you’ll need to ‘Start Fast’ and ‘Finish Strong’ this Holiday Season … BLACK FRIDAY, Novermber 29th, 6 – 7:30pm

New to 2013 … Power Wheel Challenge  – reinvent the wheel! ‘Walk the Plank’ core and MORE! ‘Run thru He*l – Muay Thai Circuit 

Registration info on our FaceBook Page … Limited Enrollment … Register TODAY!

Email the Academy for ‘Turkey Blaster’ Flyer!




LMA 4-Week Filipino Staff & Spear


Thanks to everyone who came out to this unique 4-Week Seminar / Class

 Check out our Group Photo on the Fbook Page!

 Join us for an unique look into the Filipino Sibat (staff) and Bankaw (spear).  Rarely-Seen techniques, training methods and ‘real world’ applications featured within this 8th Sub-System of Kali will be YOURS as you discover the distinct manipulations and mesmerizing artistry of the Filipino Staff!

Easily Adaptable to use with ‘everyday items’CaneWalking StickBroom Handle, Pool CueShovel, etc …




4th Annual ‘Start Fast’ Boot Camp

Thanks to Everyone who came out to ‘Start Fast’ with LMA in 2013! 

Kali / Silat Sensitivity … Nunchaku / Olisi Toyuk … JKD Speed & Attribute Development Seminar Series

View Pics from All the Action on our Facebook Page and BE THERE for our Next LMA Seminar Event!


3rd Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout

‘Black Friday’  6 – 7:30pm

Thanks to the CREW who came out to BLAST those Thanksgiving Calories OFF!


Foam Roller Seminar

Monday, September 24th … 7:30 – 9pm … LMA Academy

Thanks to everyone who came out to ‘roll’ with us Monday night!


COMING SOONFoam Roller DVD featuring 5 complete ‘body flows’, over 30-minutes of Foam Roller Action!

Utilized by Professional Athletes, Olympians, Physical Trainers and Re-Hab Specialists, the Foam Roller has become the ‘go to’ accessory for Increasing Mobility, Improving Circulation and ‘reprogramming’ YOUR BODY to Move Better, Feel Better and Perform Better!

Join us for this 90-minute Seminar and DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF the ‘magic’ behind this simple-looking, ‘high tech’ training tool that holds the KEYS to a more Youthful, Athletic and PAIN FREE Body!

Silat / Jun Fan / JKD Seminar

Held Saturday, January 7th … Thanks to everyone who came out to this 2-hour Seminar at Komplete Martial Arts 


Mayan ‘End of the World’ New Year’s Eve Workout

Yes it’s true … LMA busted-out another FIRST with this HARD CORE New Years’ Eve Workout that ENSURED the World will not end in 2012!  A BRAVE FEW ventured into this ORIGINAL Celebration of the New Year by GETTING IT ON as the clock struck 2012!  THANKS to those who participated in this NEW LMA Tradition … YOU EARNED IT!



3rd Annual ‘Finish Strong’ Boot Camp

THANKS to everyone who came out for this GREAT 3-Night Camp over the Holiday Week featuring ‘Sticky Hands’ / Chi SaoWooden Dummy / Mook Jong Sets #1 and #3Kettlebells / PSP Workout Protocols, Indian ClubsSilat & JKD Applications of the ‘Wooden Dummy’ 

Coming soon … ‘Sticky Hands’ & Mook Jong DVD showcasing both 1 & 2-Handed ‘Chi Sao’ … Wooden Dummy set #1 … ‘pull the curtain’ back on these oft misunderstood and misused ‘secrets’ from the arts of Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu / Wing Chung!


2nd Annual ‘Turkey Blaster’ Workout

‘Black’ Friday, November 25th, 2011




Thanks to Sifu Cosentino, Komplete Martial Arts & all the students who attended our workshop!

‘Engage the Blade’ Seminar

Saturday, April 23rd, hosted by Komplete Martial Arts located in the Pittsburgh Mills Mall.  Join Mataas Na Guro Hal Deily as we explore the Filipino Concepts of successfully surviving an ‘edged weapon’ attack!  Seminar DVD Available … go to link for ‘Komplete Martial Arts’, or contact LMA for registration information.

LMA Holiday Fitness BOOT CAMP II

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday / Dec 27, 28, 29th / 6:30 – 8pm

Thanks to everyone who came out to ‘FINISH STRONG’ in 2010!

View video footage on our Holiday Fitness Boot Camp on our Komplete Konditioning Page

Turkish Get-Up Seminar

Held Wednesday, August 25th, 7:30pm

Thanks to everyone who came out and ‘Got Down’ with the ‘GET UP’!  Instructional DVD … JUST RELEASED & available at Academy!

Olisi  Toyuk / Nunchaku Seminar

Held MONDAY, August 30th, 7:30pm

Thanks to Everyone who came out to Learn the ‘Chucks’ ! Instructional DVD … JUST RELEASED & available at Academy!

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