August 25th, 2010

Lathen Martial Arts    

NOW Celebrating 25 years serving the Tri-State Area!

For 25 years, Lathen Martial Arts has been dedicated to ‘helping others achieve their full potential in the Martial Arts, and in Life‘.            Welcome to the Family!

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25th Anniversary Seminars

  FREE to LMA Seminar Alumni / $20 for newbies

Surviving Spontaneous Edged Weapon Attacks Monday, August 21st, 6-7:30pm

Sifu’s ‘Scotland Surprise’Wednesday, August 23rd, 6-7:30pm

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Raising Kane Seminar DVD

Discover for YOURSELF how to ‘turn the tables’ on any would-be attacker with this low profile / street legal mobility tool!

 Join us as we ‘pull back the curtain’ on this ancient weapon and discover the keys to the many combative applications of this ‘everyday’ deterrentThis is the 1st time Sifu Deily has opened the vault to his unique ‘KANE’ methods, showcasing techniques & progressions previously only shared with his private clients. Master the Kane’s basic striking patterns and hypnotic movements! Manipulate & Control opponents using all parts of the Kane!  Exploit the deceivingly ‘innocent’ nature of the Kane taking your attacker totally by Surprise!



Lathen Martial Arts in Action!





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March 13th, 2010


LMA Week of July 24th, 2017


Zen Message of the Week ‘Never miss a good chance to shut up… humorist Will Rogers


25th Anniversary Seminars

FREE to LMA Seminar Alumni / $20 for newbies, email Academy to Register!

Surviving Spontaneous Edged Weapon Attacks Monday, August 21st, 6-7:30pm

Sifu’s ‘Scotland Surprise’Wednesday, August 23rd, 6-7:30pm


Sarong / Malong Seminar DVD … coming SOON!

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CoratulationsNew Promotions …   RED BELT – Alex Skylar, Marie Sydlik, Janet McClintock, Dave Durler  Congratulations!

March 12th, 2010

July 2017 Events

Celebrating 25 Years of LMA … Grand Opening April 11th, 1992

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In Memoriam – Sifu Ted Reynolds

August 12th, 2005

Sifu Ted Reynolds … a close friend and student of Mr. Deily’s, passed away in August 2005. Mr. Reynolds was an ‘Original’ Private Student who was taught out of Sifu Deily’s basement long before there was an official LMA. He was the 2nd person promoted to Black Belt at the Academy and served as Mr. Deily’s Personal Teaching Assistant for many years at the CCAC Kali / Filipino Martial Art Class. Ted was the Monday night Instructor as well as the Chief Instructor of LMA’s Youth Program. A Professional Bass Player / Musician, Ted returned to his hometown of Nashville in 2002. Mr. Reynolds will be truly missed by all those that came to know him!

In Memoriam – Sifu Bernice Giunta

January 12th, 2005

Sifu Bernice Giunta … in January 2005, LMA lost a dear family member to cancer – Sifu Bernice Giunta. Mrs. Giunta and her husband Tony have been friends and strong supporters of Mr. Deily for over 22 years. Bernice was the first person promoted to Black Belt at LMA, and is the highest ranking student of Sifu Deily. She taught the Tuesday night classes at LMA for years, as well as classes at Seton Hill College and the YWCA in Greensburg, PA. Bernice was also a leader at the Annual Women’s Self-Defense Workshop offered at the North Campus of CCAC in Pittsburgh. Tony and Bernice have taught their own classes in the only Official ‘Basement Branch’ of LMA since 1986, and are great examples of what the martial arts are supposed to be about. Bernice was 47 years old …our prayers continue to be with her family, especially her husband Tony.