Edged Weapon Combatives

It has begun!

Contact LMA / KMA if interested in joining

Edged Weapon Combatives is a Blade specific program that features a systematic, building-block approach to developing modern, self-defense based Knife Skills!  This 10-week, 15 hours ‘plus’ course will take you thru Phase I training in the EWC Apprentice Instructor Certification.  The EWC system was developed by Sifu Hal Deily, Certified Full Instructor under the ‘living legend’, Guro Dan Inosanto … and is a Authentic Filipino Blade Curriculum that promises to give you all the tools necessary to develop yourself AND teach others HOW to do the same!

ECW Phase I Training Highlights

Flow drills, disarms, long-middle-close quarter sensitivity, ‘hostage’ knife scenarios, grappling with a blade, non-telegraphic movement, ‘makeshift’ edged weapons, principles of teaching & training, adapting JKD concepts to the knife, ‘prison blitz’ attack theory, surviving a blade encounter, personal -vs- random attacks, injury prevention, dynamic applications, ‘solo’ knife drills … and MORE!

Group Sessions 

Lathen Martial Arts … Wednesday’s, 6:30 – 7:45pm 

Komplete Martial ArtsEvery other Saturday, 10 – 11:30am 

classes begin Wednesday, Oct 16th /  Saturday, Oct 19th

3 Packages Available

Phase I Course … $159 LMA / KMA members ($199 Public)

Phase I with LMA DVD … add $15 (choose from LMA’s extensive DVD Library)

Phase I / DVD / 30-mnute Private Lesson … add $45

Public Registration – Call / Email to Reserve YOUR PLACE … Immediate Registration – available for LMA / KMA Members thru PayPal 

Edged Weapon Combatives

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